A word about my work, All my pieces are done completely free form without any drawings or plans. I prefer to let my work flow from the subconscious mind and evolve organically. All of my work is so much more interesting in person due to the glasses I use that change colors depending on light and viewing angles which really makes them fun to be around. I truly love what I do and totally appreciate everyone who has bought, collected, and supported me for over 20 years. To all my customers all over the world, thank you. To new people to my work, thank you for taking the time to view it. Please due not hesitate to call me about any of the pieces. 217-652-2873

Again thank you all!!   

Ed Martin


Orange Fabric

This piece has incredibly rich colors. Made of full dicroic and orange glass overlay, tack fused in a white texured with dicroic glass inlays. It is15 1/4 H. x 15 3/4 W. x 2" D


A Classic Blue and Silver

This is a beautiful classic looking piece in blue and silver with a black textured frame.

18 "x 18"


Emerging Cobalt

This piece is a full layer of mosaiced cobalt dicroic with silver diroic overlay to give it a cobalt rising effect. It is 20 3/4 W x 10" H. x 2" D


Pink and Teal Fabric

This piece is a rich array of color that are pink and teal dicroics, overlaid with emerald and tack fused in a black frame. It is 27 3/4" W. x 12" H. x 2" d


Rising Universe

This piece is a very sublty classic piece that is cobalt with dicroic overlays that gives a really unique look. It is a pure white glass frame. It is22" H x 16 3/4 W. x 2" D. 


Linear Illusion

This is a time consuming piece that is stacked and tack fused dicroic. It comes alive when viewing it from different angles. A small piece, just 9"W x 12" H   


Pretty Pinky

This piece is hundreds of pieces in several layers tack fused for texture and shifts from pink to  a goldish biege when you go from side to side. It is 18 1/4 W. x 18 3/4 H. x 2" D.


Pattern Interuption

This is a fun little piece of overlapped and stacked dicroic glass that can be put on a shelve on a plate stand or hung on a wall.

It is 10 3/4 W. x 8" H



This piece feels like summer to me, a fun green with sunny gold interior. A small piece can be put on a shelve with a plate stand or hung on a wall.

It is 11" W. x 9" H. 


Linier Lavender

This is a very calming piece with soft colored dicroic in a white granulated frame. It is 30" W. x 14 3/4 H. x 3" D.



This piece I believe almost has movement, it was made by cutting hendreds of pieces of dicoic and miticulously arranging them and tack fused to give real texture to the piece. I particularly love the frame on this piece that is dicro dust on black to almost give a universe kind of feel. The metal is tinted light bronze ,

It is 28 1/4 W. x 24" H. x 2" D



This piece is a representationn of the expanding universe we live in. It is full dicroic with mat dicro accents and is so much more incredable than can possibly be photographed.

It is27" W. x 24" H. x 2" D. 



This is a very fun piece and one of my favorits, It is full rainbow dicro on yellow which gives it a very fun flowing look. I can't help but smile when I look at this.

It is19" W. x 14" H. x 2" D.


Free Flow

This piece I believe I totally captured the blowing in the wind effect. It is vivid green dicro overlaid with clear in a black textured frame.

        It is 30 1/4 W. x 15 3/4 H. x 2" D. 


Blue Checkard Fabric

This piece is a bold color combination that is really rich in person. Its emeralds, gold and intence blue that has a great flow to it.

It is17" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.


Linear Illusion

This piece has great depth and flow, that was done by a unique prosses of clear over dicro with a dicro accent frame to finish it off perfectly.

It is13 1/4" W. x 20 1/2" H. x 2" D.


Vertcal Illusions

This is a great piece from a series I did and is simple but mind blowing. As you go from side to side it totally shifts color from rich golds to a vivid green. Both colors are represented straight on do to the free flow shape. 

It is 22" W. x 24" H x 2" D.


Calm Amongst Chaos

 We could all use a little of this in these times.This piece is a mind blowing 6 feet x 2 feet and consist of hundreds and hundreds of hand cut pieces several colors of dicroic that shifts from red to orange to dependig on the light and angles from the viewer. Frame is white fused glass also.



This is a very calming little piece of subtle grey frame with colorful ever changing center. Can be put on a shelve on  plate stand or wall mounted.

Itis12" W x 9 1/2W


Classic Black and Silver

This is a very classic black with silver dicroic center that gives off subtle blue hues at angles. It is a small piece that can be put on a plate stand on a shelve or wall hung. 

It is 11 1/2 W. x 9 3/4 H.


Primary Play

This is a very fun piece with cut and stacked primary colors with silver accents tack fused.

21"W x 12" H


Colorful Interlude

This piece is a perfectly balanced play of dicroic glass that converges in the center. Black granulated and dicroic insert frame.

It is 21 1/2" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.


Emergence of Color

This piece is a calming almost zen piece That we all could use these days. It has a granulated white frame with dicro dust added.

It is 21 1/2" W. x 24" H x 2" D. 


Lines of Emerald and Gold

This piece is a fun color shifting piece that changes from a rich emerald green to a more subtle gold as the light and angle of view changes. I chose not to frame in glass because I love the statement it makes on. it's own

It is 37 1/2 W. x 12" H. 2" D


Tel. 217-652-2873   edmartinart@sbcglobal.net

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