A word about my work, All my pieces are done completely free form without any drawings or plans. I prefer to let my work flow from the subconscious mind and evolve organically. All of my work is so much more interesting in person due to the glasses I use that change colors depending on light and viewing angles which really makes them fun to be around. I truly love what I do and totally appreciate everyone who has bought, collected, and supported me for over 20 years. To all my customers all over the world, thank you. To new people to my work, thank you for taking the time to view it. Please due not hesitate to call me about any of the pieces. 217-652-2873

Again thank you all!!   

Ed Martin


work 3.jpg


This piece has incredibly rich colors. Made of full dicroic and  glass overlay, tack fused in a black smooth glass with dicroic glass inlays.

24 H. x 22" W. x 2" D


Wispy Illusions

This is a really interesting piece that is 2 layered and a combination of blue wispy and and multiple colors  with a under water effect frame.

12" x 12" x 2"



Depths in Blue and Green

This piece is a 2 levels that has a green with blue overlay and silver accents. It has great depth in person. Frame is green and silver accents under clear to give a underwater effect.

12" x 12" x 2" D   



This is a very pretty piece of rich greens and gold with a solid black frame.

16" W. x 17" H x 2" D



Silver Illusions

This is a great piece that is a classic combination of silver with cobalt/purple and silver iridized glass that is rich with depth.

21" W x 24" H x 2" D 



Rippling Water

This piece has a beautiful Caribbean blue glass with aqua accents and a subtle mixture of colors in the background with clear wave overlays. A very calming piece.

It is 44" W. x 24" H x 2" D. 


Shifting pink.jpg

Pretty Pinky

This piece is hundreds of pieces in several layers tack fused for texture and shifts from pink to  a goldish biege when you go from side to side. It is 18 1/4 W. x 18 3/4 H. x 2" D.


Aqua Serenity

This is a very calming piece of aqua and beautiful subtle dicroics with the aqua tied into the frame.

20 1/4" W. x 20H. x 2" D.



Silver Dimensions

This is a very a very classy piece of silver and reds with a cool smoky illusion.

 18" W. x 14 3/4 H. x 3" D.




This is a rich and classic looking piece of silver and silver iridized glasses with overlays, I incorporated the glasses into the frame to finish it off.

14" W. x 24" H. 2" D



Celestial Energy

This piece I believe this is one of my most intense pieces. It has a great deal going on in it and is extroidinairily georgous. This is a must see piece.

44" W x 24" H x 2" D



This piece is a representationn of the expanding universe we live in. It is full dicroic with mat dicro accents and is so much more incredable than can possibly be photographed.

It is27" W. x 24" H. x 2" D. 


larger full diroic grid black frame.jpg
blue fabric.jpg

Blue Checkard Fabric

This piece is a bold color combination that is really rich in person. Its emeralds, gold and intence blue that has a great flow to it.

It is17" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.


Classy Linear

This piece has white with gold and reddish brown dicroic glasses that is so much better in person than it looks here.

It can hang either direction.

44 1/2" x 6 1/2"




This piece is  a rich earthy tones that is framed in black with an ice finish of granulated clear.

18" W. x 12" H. x 2" D.



Intricacies of Pattern

This is a beautiful piece of Caribbean blue and a subtle array of dicroics that cover a spectrum of color. It has a "iced white frame" that really sets the center off.

44" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.


20211022_111544 (1).jpg

The Calm of A Sunny Day

This piece is amazing 6' wide and 2' high and has is truly one of a kind piece. It is a almost zen piece that is very relaxing. It is multiple colors of aqua and 4 different dicroics to create an amazing tranquil effect.

72" W. X 24" H. x 2" D


Being Green

This is a very nice calming piece of earthy greens with blue/teal accent with clear over lays on a gold tint frame.

Can be hung either direction.

35" x 8 1/2"




This is a simple but beautiful piece that evokes a thought of an iridescent butterfly and is done with rich cobalt's fading into teal/aqua with clear overlays that add depth.

21" W x 24" W x 2" D


Protruding Peace

This is a fun little piece that is transparent to let the patterning from the metal show through.

8" W. x 8" H x 2" D.




Caribean Days

This is a pretty piece of Caribbean blues and colorful metallic with a truly watery feel.

21" W x 24" H x 2" D


Emergence of Color

This piece is a calming almost zen piece That we all could use these days. It has a granulated white frame with dicro dust added.

It is 21 1/2" W. x 24" H x 2" D. 


2020 2.jpg

Linear Depth

This is a very crisp piece that is really classy with great color and depth..

18"b W. x 12" H. x 2" D


Smokey Creation

This piece is subtle metalics with wispy and clear overlays and can be hung either direction. 

20" W. x 4 H. x 2" D  


20210716_105049 (1).jpg

Green Bay

This piece is rich tone of green and gold so it reminds me of green bay where I have a show coming up

20" W x 18" H x 3" D 


20210716_105456 (1).jpg

Whispy Blue

This piece is rich blue tone dicroics  with a gorgeous center accent and white wispy accents with a clear linier over lay

I love this piece.

33" W. x 24" H. x 3" D. 



Classic Contemporary

This piece is a classic black , silver and red linier piece with the center protrusion a slightly different color silver for accent.

44" W x 12" H x 2" D


Transformation of Beauty

I love my color transformation pieces and this is a great one. It goes from rich yellow/gold to teal to cobalt and is accented by a really fun almost confetti effect multiple colors. This is definitely a happy person piece.

It is 21 1/2" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.



Distinctively Gray

I like the subtlety of this piece that has grey with white translucent and a red/orange dicro accent that looks like it has a lite in it.

12" W. x 12" H. x 2" D.



Linear Aspects

This is a classy new piece of silver iridized and emerald dicroics with gold and clear highlights.

12" W x 12" W x 2" D



LInear Cobalt

This is a rich cobalt that shifts to purple at angles. It has fun , playful glass added with clear overlays to give it depth with a touch of cobalt in the frame.

 21" W x 24" H. x 2" D. 




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This is a subtle but extremely beautiful piece that has interesting color shifts with a iced frame for a very cool effect.

20 1/2" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.


Circular Illusion



Rainbow Fabric II

This piece is rainbows of color with overlays that gives it a totally unique look in a new process I developed.. I love the energy and playfulness this piece has.. It has a textued frame with metalic dust sprinked thoughout.

36" W x 24" H x 2" D




This is a more unusual piece with a totally different color pallet. It is earthy greens with a pretty pink accent in the middle. It is very pretty and for the person with an eclectic taste.

43" W x 12" H x 2" D