A word about my work, All my pieces are done completely free form without any drawings or plans. I prefer to let my work flow from the subconscious mind and evolve organically. All of my work is so much more interesting in person due to the glasses I use that change colors depending on light and viewing angles which really makes them fun to be around. I truly love what I do and totally appreciate everyone who has bought, collected, and supported me for over 30 years. To all my customers all over the world, thank you. To new people to my work, thank you for taking the time to view it. Please due not hesitate to call me about any of the pieces. 217-652-2873

Again thank you all!!   

Ed Martin


work 3.jpg

Inner Release

This piece is an interesting mix of calm and inner energy. It has a lot going on in it that has to be seen to appreciate.

24 H. x 22" W. x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.

Inner Mix

This piece is a rich mix of purple and cobalt, with deep red-orange accents and a wispy glass inter twined. As all my work a picture does nothing to represent the color changing aspects of my work.  




Depths in Blue and Green

This piece is a 2 levels that has a green with blue overlay and silver accents. It has great depth in person. Frame is green and silver accents under clear to give a underwater effect.

12" x 12" x 2" D   

Available at my  upcoming events.


This is a very pretty piece of rich greens and gold with a solid black frame.

16" W. x 17" H x 2" D



Subtlety of Color

I love these white pieces. Colors change dramatically at different angles. I feel they are really classy.

21" W x 24" H x 2" D 



Caribbean Vacation

You can almost feel the sunshine from this piece. Besides the beautiful blue this has a lot of subtle colors that does not even remotely shoe up in the photo. It is a gorgeous piece.

44" W x 12" H x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.


Rich Linear

I like the richness of color in this piece, it has a lot going on in it with cobalt's, gold, and other assorted colors.

21 1/2" W x 24" H x 2" D 

Available at my upcoming events.



I wanted to give this a warm feel with the earthy golds and bronzes. It has an metal frame tinted gold.

15" W. x 24H. x 2" D.



Silver and White

This is a very light feeling piece with beautiful subtle coloring in a silver frame.

Available at my  upcoming events.


A fun Day

A fun piece with intense color and floating in wispy white glass to give it a playful feel

44" W x 24" H x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.

Fire From Within


Fire From Within

This is a rich blend of red orange and coppers that is really awesome in person.

21" W x 24" H x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.

Classy Linear

This piece has white with gold and reddish brown dicroic glasses that is so much better in person than it looks here.

It can hang either direction.

44 1/2" x 6 1/2"


A Warm Feeling

A rich cobalt blue center with coppers and a touch of rainbow to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

44" W x 12" H x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.


Subtle and Rich

This piece is silver highs with rich tones mixed in to make a truly beautiful piece.

21" W. x 24" H. x 2" D.

Available at my  upcoming events.


Color Flow

This piece is amazing 6' wide and 2' high and is truly one of a kind piece. It is a stunning color mix that truly has to be seen to even remotely get all that is going on in it.

72" W. X 24" H. x 2" D


Being Green

This is a very nice calming piece of earthy greens with blue/teal accent with clear over lays on a gold tint frame.

Can be hung either direction.

35" x 8 1/2"



Playful Blue

OK, I don't know what I was thinking when I made this piece but it sure is fun. 

21" W x 24" W x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.


Bronze and Gold

This is another one of my signatures 6 feet by 2 feet pieces that is a definite conversation piece. It has an unparallel richness to it

Available at my  upcoming events.

A Beautiful Transition

I love making my pieces blend and flow in color and I believe I nailed it as they say. It has a contrast copper accent to finish it off.

It is 21 1/2" W. x 24" H x 2" D. 

Available at my  upcoming events.

20220424_105133 (1).jpg


All white with compleat matalic  layered color that changes with every light of the day.

44" W x 24" H x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.

emerald with blue falling lines.jpg

Falling Blue

This piece is a rich emerald tone with floating blue, wispy line falling through it. 

21" W x 29" H x 3" D 

Available at my  upcoming events.

Available at my  upcoming events.

floating color grid.jpg

Floating Color Grid

This is a vibrant color transition with a wispy background to give a floating feel to the color sceem

21" W x 24" H x 3"D

Available at my  upcoming events.

Colorful Black and White

This is an interesting piece of subtle color in a black and white setting that is really beautiful when seen.

10" W x 24" H x 3" D

Available at my  upcoming events.

colorful black and white.jpg

Distinctively Gray

I like the subtlety of this piece that has grey with white translucent and a red/orange dicro accent that looks like it has a lite in it.

12" W. x 12" H. x 2" D.

Available at my  upcoming events.


Linear Aspects

This is a classy new piece of silver iridized and emerald dicroics with gold and clear highlights.

12" W x 12" W x 2" D

Available at my  upcoming events.


Floating Spheres

This is a fun piece with lined, floating spheres falling in front of the background.


 Available at my  upcoming events.

Circular Illusion


silver amathyst.jpg

Silver and Amathyst

This is a beautiful, rich piece. It has silver with amethyst and lots of color that pops out at different angles.

21" W X 24" H x 3" D


edited6' piece.jpg

Just Unbelievable

This is a stunning piece that has perfect color transition and multiple layers that give it great depth and dimension.

72" W x 24" H x 2" D